The Little Flower Family

At Little Flower School and Parish we talk a lot about the fact that we are a family…a family that watches out for one another.  This past weekend we had two events which embodied the family spirit of Little Flower.  On Friday night the Little Flower Gym was packed with people enjoying the third of six Lenten Fish Frys.  On Saturday night the Little Flower Gym was packed for the Byron Pempek benefit fundraiser.  Both nights represented what is special about Little Flower and the beauty of our School and Parish which is encapsulated in our slogan: Faith-Family-Fun.

What impressed me about both events is the generosity of so many volunteers…men, women, and children…working hard for awesome causes.  Persons from all walks of life having fun, enjoying a meal together, a positive spirit among the members of the crowd, laughing, talking and playing.  There is such a “feel good” aspect to all of it.  It is not put on, it is not fake, it is real.  People helping people for a positive cause.

It is not tool ate to get involved.  It is so positive for our LFS students to be a part of those extras that our school has to offer like the Fish Frys…whether as a volunteer helper or as someone who goes with their mom, dad, aunt, uncle or grandparents.  Taking part in these types of activities is good for the mind, body and soul.  Together we thrive as a school and a parish.  and, as always, we are so grateful for all the community members that attend our fundraisers and make them so special.


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