A Little Toughness Can Be A Good Thing

When I pulled out of my driveway this morning, I glanced at the temperature reading on my dashboard gauge.  It was a balmy 40 degrees outside.  There was no rain and a little wind.  As I cruised through a far west neighborhood, I noticed a phenomenon that I have been aware of for several years.  There are many cars with school age children in them parked with the engine running waiting for the school bus to arrive.  Today I saw a boy aged 13-14 bolt out of a car, cross the street, and amble into a bus that had been waiting for him.  And, he had a Starbucks with him.

So I can understand a ride to the bus stop if a child is injured or has a physical disability.  I can understand it for a variety of reasons.  My understanding wanes, however, if parents are coddling, pampering, or facilitating entitlement.

Children can benefit from a brisk 2 or 3 block walk in the morning and afternoon.  Children can benefit from being out in cold weather for short periods of time.  Children can benefit from interacting with other children at a bus stop…off of their cell phones.

Sometimes parents try too hard to protect their children…from the cold, from experiencing adversity.  Children can benefit from how to rebound from tough circumstances.  Strength, resiliency, and adaptability are wonderful personal assets and they can be acquired in childhood and adolescence.


One thought on “A Little Toughness Can Be A Good Thing

  1. This was our late daughter’s pet peeve. She wanted her daughter to experience falling, failure, disappointment in order to appreciate success, happiness and accomplishment. Allow them to win or lose and accept those feelings without participation rewards. Life is hard, let them learn that.


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