Texas Teachings

Today is Holy Saturday, 2018, and I am located in El Paso, Texas.  It is a balmy 80 degrees and feels like I went from winter to summer and skipped spring.  I’m visiting my daughter and son-in-law and their two children Johnny and Luke.  Johnny is 4 and Luke is 2.  These boys are no strangers to Little Flower as they have been to Springfield and hung out in the gym and my office.

One thing I noticed during my stay here in Texas is that at the kitchen table Kaitlin has three placemats…not really sure why three.  Anyway, one of the placemats is a map of the world, one is a map of the United States, and one is a chart of the human body including the muscular, skeletal, and circulatory systems.  I have been surprised how much normal meal time conversation involves geography and physiology.  Also, math.  It is amazing how Cheerios can be a conduit to teaching math…if I have five cheerios and ate one, how many do I have left?

We at Little Flower School are dedicated and committed to childhood education.  We partner with parents to teach our children essential facts and concepts.  One little example that we do at LFS is each day we do a little trivia quiz.  Oftentimes it involves a historical fact relating to U.S. or World History, sometimes a geography question involving the state or a foreign country…sometimes a science related matter.

I feel it is important that students know the educational basics…that the capital of Texas is Austin, that Ecuador is in South America, that 8 x 9 is 72 (and that you do not need a calculator to figure that out).  At Little Flower we are exposing our students to these basics and much more.

Well, I’m going to get back to Johnny and Luke.  We’re getting ready for the Easter Bunny!  Happy Easter everyone!


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