I Will Never Grow Old

“Some say that as we grow up we become different people at different ages…but I don’t believe it.  I think we remain the same throughout.” Peter Pan 1960

This weekend Little Flower School presented its annual spring musical.  This year’s production was Peter Pan Jr. directed by Mrs. Bri Dondanville.  Peter, Wendy, Tinker Bell, Captain Hook, Tiger Lily, and a band of scallywags, mermaids, and fairies danced on our stage and in our hearts for two performances.  The fifty four students in the cast all looked like they were having a great time and, in fact, they were.  The importance of this musical and the many musicals and plays that take place across this county transcends kids having fun.  So many positive outcomes take place when so many children work together for a common cause, when these same children see adults volunteer behind the scenes for the same common cause, and when the children see their parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, classmates, and teachers come out and watch their performance.

One of the great aspects of Catholic education is that our students get the benefit of wholesome, good clean fun in many of our extracurricular offerings.  We strive to ensure that our students are well supervised and receive positive life experiences and memories from taking part in our extracurricular opportunities,  Here are some tangible positive takeaways from our Peter Pan Jr. rehearsals and performances:

  • “I got to express myself on stage in ways that I cannot in a classroom”
  • “Soooo much work went into this but it paid off in the end”
  • “I got to know and interact with kids at other grade levels”
  • “It’s the most incredible thing I have ever done in my entire life” (this quote was from a 7 year old)
  • It was a celebration of family as there were many family members there to support their children in this extracurricular endeavor.
  • Most students will fondly remember being in this play for their entire life.  I still remember being in The King and I at Sacred Heart Academy when I was in the 6th grade.
  • It is a bonding experience for the cast.  For many students it is a sad experience when it’s over.  This is also a positive take away as it is desirable to experience a full range of human emotion.
  • It is important for our children to be exposed to positive role models whether it be our musical director, our set designer, our costume and make-up coordinators or our stage volunteers.

For all of the reasons listed above, Peter Pan Jr. enhances the mission of Catholic education.  God had his hand in this event and this was evident in the gatherings after the performances.  As one second grader said to me after the play, “I can’t explain why but it was the most amazing ever”.  With youngsters like her around, I will never grow old.

Peter Pan


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