Blu and Vinny


Ever since I was a little boy I have had an affinity for rabbits.  Not sure why.  I like that they are fast, furry, and seem to be always on the lookout for something.  I have had a few rabbits as pets over the years and last October I acquired two minilops from a rabbitry near Rockford.  Minilops are a small breed with floppy years.  When I ordered these bunnies on-line, I chose a solid black rabbit that was “show quality” and a broken blue buck which was not show quality but was mostly white with black spots.  The white rabbit cost less than the black rabbit.  We named the black rabbit Vinny and the white spotted rabbit Blu.

When we picked the rabbits up we discovered why Blu was not a show rabbit.  Blu had one ear that flopped down which was “normal” and his other ear stuck straight out.  Blu was not symmetrical and was considered inferior in the world of showing rabbits.  In our minds, however, Blu and Vinny are pets and we never intended to enter either one in a rabbit show.

Blu and Vinny have very different personalities and attributes.  Blu is cuddly and affectionate…Vinny is athletic and adventuresome.  In our eyes we love them both for different reasons.

The students at Little Flower have met Blu and Vinny.  Some will ask about Blu’s ear.  That got me to thinking about children who have something different about them.  Maybe a child has something unusual about his/her appearance, there may be an oddity about how a child walks or talks, maybe a child has a difference in the way they perceive other children or how they interact with others.

Too often in our society, children and adults who have something different about them are devalued or overlooked.  Blu cost less than Vinny.  Blu is a beautiful rabbit with asymmetrical ears because God made him that way

At Little Flower we have students of all shapes, all sizes and all colors.  We have students of different abilities and of varied family circumstances.  Hopefully, no student gets overlooked or is undervalued.  After all, God made each one of us in his own image and loves us even though our ears may be different.



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